Parish Front Office is open again. New Book store coming.

Dear Parishioners,

New Facilities and Parking Lot We are ready to open our parish front office. We will begin this Monday. The facilities are basically completed, there are still a few things that need to be finished. We are waiting for the arrival of the front doors, and some furniture. Thank God for your support that we now have 8 new meeting areas, a new bookstore, and remodeled offices. Thanks to your generous support we have finished the much-needed parking lot, and it is paid for in full. We continue to pay the loan on our new facilities. Hopefully we will be finished with this debt in three years. These facilities are a great example of what happens when a community continues to grow and everyone puts their resources at the benefit of the whole community. Glory be to God that we are blessed with your generous support to keep growing in our Catholic faith. The new facilities will offer us many new opportunities for spiritual formation in our parish.

New Book Store We hope to open our book store by late July or early August. The store will include religious books, videos, CD’s of religious music, religious medals and items, candles, frame pictures, statues and other materials. We are very excited that we will have our own bookstore which also gives us many opportunities for our spiritual growth.

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